Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nigeria Investor Immigration to Canada for Business People and Directors

Investor Immigration from Nigeria to Canada. The Immigrant Investor program is very popular with Nigerian business people , Managers and Directors with a High Net Worth as it provides fast and easy immigration opportunities to Canada even without formal education , diplomas and also with no limit of age. The required Net Worth for clients from Nigeria is approximately 245,000,000 NGN , the equivalent of 1,600,000 $ Canadian.

Mandatory Conditions for the Immigrant Investor Programs of Canada or Quebec
1- Demonstrate a Minimal Net Worth of 1,600,000$ Canadian ( no need to sell any assets)
2- Demonstrate 2 years of Management experience or Business Ownership in the last 5 years
3- Make a passive investment (1) through the Government of 800,000$ Canadian for 5 years without receiving any interest OR pay a 1 time financing fees of 220,000$ CAD and avoid making the Investment.

(1) The Passive Investment is a government bond , you do not select your own investment.

In order to Visit the Immigrant Investor Program by VIP Business Immigration , please click on the following link to enter the Investor Program official website Immigrant Investor Program

We can also offer a lower conditions for Immigrant Investor willing to settle for the USA

See details and procedures in your brochure at EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa for the USA ( Download in PDF, must have a PDF reader)