Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Immigrant Investor Turkey to Canada - Investor Immigration for Business People from Turkey to Canada

Investor Immigration from Turkey to Canada. The Immigrant Investor program is very popular with Turkish business people , Managers and Directors with a High Net Worth as it provides fast and easy immigration opportunities to Canada even without formal education , diplomas and also with no limit of age. The required Net Worth for clients from Turkey is approximately 2,300,000 Turkey Lira , the equivalent of 1,600,000 $ Canadian.

Rules  for the New Immigrant Investor Programs of Canada or Quebec, starting November 2010

1- Demonstrate a Minimal Net Worth of 1,600,000$ Canadian ( no need to sell any assets)

2- Demonstrate 2 years of Management experience or Business Ownership in the last 5 years

3- Make a passive investment (1) through the Government of 800,000$ Canadian for 5 years without receiving any interest OR pay a 1 time financing fees of 220,000$ CAD and avoid making the Investment.

(1) The Passive Investment is a government bond , you do not select your own investment.

Continue to receive information in order to apply by visiting the Immigrant Investor Program by VIP Business Immigration on the official website at   Immigrant Investor Program