Thursday, 25 March 2010

Skilled Worker Application for Canadian Immigration

Skilled Workers applications for the Canadian Federal Program are very popular with South Africans as they do not require a Work Contract with an  actual employer. For South Africans that wish to Immigrate to Canada as Skilled Workers , Please ask for an assessment at the following link .

Assessment available at

You will find a Profession Code in the NOC List ( National Occupation Classification) wich allows you to apply under Skilled Worker Class in order to obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

You will also find how the Program gives you point under Age Limit, Education, Profession Code, Adaptability and language skills. We can deposit your application in 30 days.

Permanent Residency under Skilled Worker Applications are much better than Work Visas , as they leave you with a choice of finding the right job in Canada and you will not loose your status if your employement comes to an end . Many South Africans try to find a job from a distance which rarelly works with Canadian employers as  Immigration to Canada is a constant flow that provides more than 250,000 new Workers every year.

To Find a Job in Canada , you must first Immigrate to Canada under Skilled Worker Permanent Residency