Sunday, 19 March 2017

South Africa Investor Immigration to Canada for Business People and Directors with a High Net Worth

Canada Investor Immigration for South Africans . There are mainly a few programs available for fast immigration, but the fastest is the Immigrant Investor Program of Quebec which allows the Immigrant to live , work or retire anywhere in Canada . I can send you the information brochure containing all the details and the requirements of the program that we manage . Canadian Immigration has a VIP Investor Immigration Program that is perfect for South Africans that meet the criteria of Business Experience or Management experience. A High Net worth of at least 20,000,000 South African Rands or 1,600,000$ Canadian must be demonstrated ( no need to sell anything) and can be comprised of Properties, Investments, Money in the bank and company value.

You can immigrate from South Africa to Canada at all ages and no diplomas are required as long as your respect the 3 criterias that you will find on the website

VIP Business Immigration is the only Canadian business immigration firm that allows full privacy, an immigration approval of over 95% , and limited professional fees are charged to the Immigrant Investor in most cases

VIP Business Immigration to Canada offers only 1 service Canadian Business Immigration services